Past Issues

The first meeting to discuss issue 54 of the defenestrator will happen on thursday may 1, 8:30pm at lava space. 

Do you write? If you've got an article, interview, book review, or a piece of fiction or poetry that you want published, send it our way.

Here are some topics of interest, in no particular order:

Philly police corruption / harassment / racism 
S.C.I. Phoenix / prison industrial complex
Transgender / queer issues
Gentrification as violence
Street harassment
Anarchism (community-oriented more than individualist)
History of Philadelphia
4224 Baltimore Ave
Fracking / coal mining / energy politics / destruction of the earth 
Hip-hop & punk music
Communities under-represented or mis-represented by right-wing & liberal media
Tearing shit down

Our scope isn't limited to these so if you've got something else, let us know!

Send submissions & inquiries to

Here are some useful submission guidelines:


Defenestrator issue 53 hits the streets this weekend. 

It's been a very long journey, but all the blood, sweat and toil by contributors, editors, illustrators and supporters is about to come to fruition.

This issue is centered around WORK. There are articles and interviews about international workplace takeovers, nonprofit work & activism, collecting unemployment, radical sports, Black Orchid Foods, prison resistance and much more. We hope you enjoy reading it and thank you for your patience! 

Long live the defenestrator.

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