Philadelphia Narcotics Squad Officers Accused of Sexual Assault, Bodega Raids

by eian

According to a recent report from the philadelphia Daily News, officer Thomas Tolstoy of the Narcotic squad accused of sexually assaulting three women during drug raids. A woman who chose to be identified as “Naomi” spoke with the Philadelphia Daily News as well as Lady Gonzalez, 29, of Kensington, and Dagma Rodriguez, 33, of West Kensington who made similar allegations against officer Tolstoy. After coming forwards Naomi has received multiple threatening phone calls from “restricted” numbers which she believes are being made by police officers telling her to keep quiet.

According to the Daily article, “Tolstoy, 35, a 10-year-veteran of the force who has been with the Narcotics Field Unit since December 2002, is one focus of a growing FBI and police probe into allegations of police misconduct.”

“In March, the Daily News reported that Cujdik, Tolstoy and other officers disabled surveillance cameras during raids of bodegas and smoke shops that sold tiny ziplock bags, which police consider drug paraphernalia. After the officers sliced or yanked the wires, thousands of dollars in cash and merchandise went missing, the merchants said.”

That is, until they were caught on film at one bodega whose owner had a backup camera system installed.